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Communicate to Motivate

Mar 7, 2022

Episode 100!

Personal anxiety can be a debilitating force and can harm your relationships as well. In today's episode, I talk with Tati Garcia, a licensed professional counselor and coach, all about managing high-functioning anxiety within relationships. We talk about what the symptoms look like and how to best communicate with a significant other about your anxiety. It's also important to realize how important self-awareness is to breaking unconscious behavior actions and make positive changes.


Connect with Tati Garcia!

Tati is a Licensed Professional Counselor and coach specializing in high-functioning anxiety. Her passion is to guide ambitious achievers to overcome high-functioning anxiety so they can feel calmer from within. She enjoys reading, arts and crafts, and being in nature in her free time.

Instagram: @TatianaGLPC

Dr. Jim Van Allan is a speaker & trainer for schools and companies across the nation. He has over a decade worth of experience helping individuals and organizations with communication, leadership, and personal development skills. He is also a Professor of Communication Studies and teaches classes on communication, public speaking, and interpersonal communication.

He's also a family man and lives with his wife and two boys in South Florida. 

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